Medica ERP

Do you have real-time access to all clients’ information?
Do you have overview of the doctors’ and facilities’ workload?
Do you have up-to-date statistics about all communications, reservations, visits in you company?

That is what we can offer with the customized solution for healthcare industry – MMC.

All information – from the patient first call or e-mail to the completion of the treatment – is saved and available anytime in the client’s profile. Meantime, doctors’, facilities’ and offices’ occupancy is visible in real-time, so that maximum efficiency can be reached. Last but not least, the extensive reports and statistics for all activities in the clinic, helps to differentiate most successful employees and forecast the near, mid and long term needs and demands of your clients.

Main Benefits:

  • Save time, improve customer experince, win new client
  • Targeted online campaigns for new services/promotions - personalized e-mails to multiple recipients in a few clicks
  • Monitoring the communication with your clients
  • Online available database with detailed history of all contacts
  • A pop-up window with client’s details and recent history in every call
  • Real-time monitoring of the workload
  • Authorized access to the system
  • Extensive reports and statistics by various criteria
  • Integration with universal numbers such as 0700, 0800, 0900
  • Integration with existing CRM / ERP systems


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