Contact Manager


Contact Manager is a web-based CRM system, which provides integration of all communication channels in a company. The CRM main feature is to save and organize all contacts information that is entered by phone, e-mail, web-site, or is personally set up by an employee and displayed in the client‘s profile. Contact Manager can be effectively used for the purposes of the marketing and sales departments in the company.

 Main Benefits:

  • Save time, improve customer experience, win new clients
  • Monitor communication between your employees and clients and partners
  • Targeted online campaigns for new services/promotions - personalized e-mails to multiple  recipients in a few clicks
  • Analyze the effectiveness of marketing campaigns
  • Real-time access of the status of clients requests and sales
  • Information about the quality of services that clients received
  • Detailed history of all contacts
  • A pop-up window with client’s details and recent history in every call
  • Extensive reports and statistics by various criteria
  • Integration with universal numbers such as 0700, 0800, 0900
  • Integration with existing CRM / ERP systems


Contact manager - scheme


Contact Manager includes 3 modules – e-mail organizer, online help-desk, call-manager, which can be provided together or separately.

E-mail organizer

This module organizes all e-mail communication. Every mail (received or sent) is saved and connected to a contact’s profile in the CRM. E-mail organizer’s key features:

  • Automatically recognition of existing contact’s e-mails
  • Easily set up and manage e-mail marketing campaigns
  • Multiple personalized e-mails to clients and partners in a few click
  • Compose and send newsletters
  • Option for linking a new e-mail to existing contact
  • New e-mail can be saved as a new contact in 2 clicks
  • History of sent and received e-mails
  • Search options by various criteria

Online help desk

Do you use your web-site as an interactive communication tool with your clients?
Online help desk links the company web-site (inquire form/s and/or online chat communication) with the client database and thus it becomes a powerful and easy communication channel.
Online help desk requires customer’s e-mail and/or phone, by which the person can be recognized and classified in Contact Manager, therefore linked to a contact profile or created as a new one. Some of the key features of Online help desk are:

  • All requests of the clients are stored in their profiles
  • Easily capture new clients and find what they need
  • History of the client complains, requests and the responses from customer service
  • Analysis for service of the clients – time to service, satisfaction, etc.

Call manager

Call Manager is the module that process, navigates, monitor and save all calls in the company. It combines a corporate call-center upgraded with the special CM software that gives a lot of new opportunities for optimizing your business and growing your revenues.

Call manager effectively supports the process of serving a large amount of phone calls – incoming calls mainly for product support or information inquiries and outgoing calls for telemarketing, debt collection, etc. Detailed information about all contacts and customers’ interactions can be entered, stored and accessed by employees in different company departments in real time. Call Manager’s goals are to improve the services provided to customers, and to use customers’ information for targeted marketing. Its corporate call-centre supports VoIP, as an addition to the standard call-centre features which provides companies many new benefits. Some of the key features are:

  • A pop-up window with client’s details and recent history in every call
  • Extensive reports and statistics by various criteria (monitoring call centre efficiency, analyzing clients preferences, easy targeting)
  • The corporate call-centre can be used outside the office via a PC
  • Least cost router – algorithm for choosing the cheapest telecom option for every single call
  • Internal numbers are available in distant location

With its visualization, click-to-call option, real-time statistics, search, schedule assistance for better team working and many other functions Call Manager makes your business day effectively organized. It can be provided with:

  • a completely new call-centre
  • migration to a new one
  • integration with an existing one

You want to extend the Contact Manager in a customer centric ERP system – we can provide and integrate it in your business. We have done it in Medical, Marketing, Logistic, etc.

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